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Jul 15, 2020

Che Brown is a master sales trainer and coach with more than 2 decades of experience in the industry. He's worked with some of the top sales teams in the world as well top entrepreneurs and speakers.

Aug 8, 2019

Imposter syndrome is a thing.  You may be surprised by who has it.  You may have it and not even know what it's called.  But, it's not a game ender.  In fact, it may be just the thing you need to keep moving.

Join me as I walk you through some of the elements of this crippling disorder and what to do about...

Apr 9, 2019

In this episode, digital marketing expert, a New York Times bestselling author, and all-around idea guy, Neil Patel, shares why marketing is important for us storytellers.  Neil is listed as a Top 10 Marketer by Forbes.

What’s In Store For You

  • [04:58] Neil shares the interesting story on why his company name is...