Episode 11

Published on:

2nd Apr 2019

Ep11 - Great Leaders Have No Rules - Guest: Kevin Kruse

My guest, Kevin Kruse, is a bestselling author, speaker, and leadership guru.  In this episode, we talk about his producitivity secrets, the leadership secrets of Richard Branson and his new book, Great Leaders Have No Rules.

What’s In Store

  • [2:57] Before we start, I answer the Question of the Day: “What is the key to keeping your audience engaged?”
  • [07:35] Kevin shares what tool is valuable for him to consistently churn out content.
  • [08:40] He gives us tips on how to leverage content across different channels.
  • [10:38] How does he know when it’s time to reinvent himself?
  • [13:09] We talk about how Kevin’s day job, his company LeadX, and how it can revolutionize leadership development and executive coaching.
  • [15:25] What is Kevin’s purpose in posting Richard Branson’s photo on his website?
  • [17:45] Kevin shares 2 powerful tips on how can leaders and speakers can build a platform and make a mark.
  • [19:21] He gives additional info on how to pique others’ interest by being different
  • [20:54] Where can you find more of Kevin and get a free trial coaching session with IBM Watson?


  1. 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management by Kevin Kruse;
  2. Great Leaders Have No Rules by Kevin Kruse;
  3. Great Leaders Bonus Content (after book purchase);
  4. 7 Ways To Know You Were Meant to Lead by Robert Kennedy III;
  5. LEADx.org;
  6. Speak Write Now Community;
  7. The RK3 Show Patreon page (be a patron of this show and get patron perks!)

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