Episode 37

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8th Oct 2019

Ep37 - Marriage, Business & Grown Folk Stuff

I have a GOLDEN episode for all you – especially for couples who are starting on their entrepreneurial journey together. It’s a fun episode full of nuggets of wisdom from not just one, but two guests, who are successful together in business and marriage!

The perfectly fit the definition of what a “Power Couple” is. She is a millionaire business coach, a direct sales expert, speaker, a mother of four. He is also a millionaire business coach, leadership and direct sales trainer, and a proud dad.

Steve and Pasha Carter have a story, let’s hear it!

What’s In Store For You

  • [03:27] How long has the power couple been married?
  • [03:54] How did gymnastics and NFL cheerleading bring out Pasha’s competitive spirit?
  • [05:26] Steve shares his roots and how he grew up into his own as an entrepreneur.
  • [06:44] Did they become successful on their own first or when they became a couple?
  • [07:53] How do Steve and Pasha successfully navigate their business and marriage together?
  • [09:34] How does Pasha teach her kids about being competitive in life?
  • [11:41] How does Pasha marshall her competitive spirit inside of her business as well as in their marriage?
  • [13:11] The power couple shares some of the advantages of working together in a business.
  • [14:46] What is “attraction marketing” and how does it work for Steve and Pasha?
  • [15:18] On the flip side, what is one challenge that Pasha and Steve encountered in business that is directly related to the fact that they are married to each other?
  • [16:25] What is the best piece of advice that Steve and Pasha can give to a newly married couple who want to have a successful marriage and business together?
  • [18:03] Steve talks about long term vs. structured business-family balance.
  • [20:56] What are Steve and Pasha working on right now and how can people connect with them?

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