Episode 4

Published on:

11th Feb 2019

Ep4 - Here's How You Can Always Get Paid To Speak

One of the biggest challenges that aspiring and professional speakers alike face is indeed to get paid – or to even get paid according to their worth. More often than not, speakers offer their services for free, or almost free, while growing their portfolio.

But what if there is a way to get speaking gigs and get paid ALL THE TIME? Julie Austin of speakersponsor.com talks about speaker sponsorship in today’s podcast episode. Here are a few highlights!

  • Julie shares her background as an inventor and a speaker at 03:10 and the fact that she has never spoken for free, EVER!
  • 07:25 into the podcast, Julie talks about SpeakerSponsor.com and how she got started getting paid through sponsorship.
  • Based on what Julie shared, is all sounds easy. But in reality, how do you get a sponsor to say, “Yes. We’re on board with you.” What is it that sponsors want that will allow them to say yes to you? She answers this beginning at 10:10 in our conversation.
  • In 14:54, we share with you what are the two things you need to do today, in order to utilize speaker sponsorship.


  1. Speak Write Now Community website;
  2. Speak Write Now Facebook page;
  3. Speaker Sponsor website
  4. Julie's course - Speaker Sponsorship 101

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