Episode 50

Published on:

28th Jan 2020

Ep50 - Season 1 CELEBRATION

Episode 50! The final episode of Season 1. After a year together, we made it to the end of this season!

What do you need to do to create success? What story are you telling?

Before we get cracking on Season 2, let me share to you the highlights of this Season 1.

  • [03:00] Before we reminisce about the highlights of Season 1, let me share a shortlist of who you can expect in Season 2!
  • [03:36] I share my favorite part about Episode 1 where our guest, Pegine, came out singing her song.
  • [04:12] From the clearly energetic and extroverted Pegine, I talked about a couple of reasons why introverts make great speakers in Episode 10.
  • [05:49] Jamie Swindell's interview on Contract Training was so great, we had to split it into two parts! Check out the full episodes in Episodes 28 and 29!
  • [08:05] When all you have is a dream and $40 in your pocket, can you live the American dream? Our guest in Episode 24, World Championships of Public Speaking Champion Mark Brown, shares how he made success happen.
  • [11:40] What is the essence of every story that I shared in Season 1 which is echoed in Angela Duckworth's book?
  • [12:32] While we are sad at Kobe's passing, what inspiration can we take away from his life and success?
  • [13:26] What does EPISODE 50 of The RK3 Show represent?

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