Episode 53

Published on:

31st Mar 2020

Ep53 - Meeting A Need They Don’t Know They Need

What do you do when you know people need to change but they don't know they need that change?

This bestselling author and boss lady found a way to offer a novel service for professional speakers. She and her team help professional speakers by handling all the extra details regarding their event so you can focus on sharing your message more effectively. Let her team help you!

Layna Ware has a story, let's hear it.

  • [05:10] Layna walks us through what got her interested in providing support for speakers.
  • [06:08] What is the connection between Layna's Speaker Concierge Service and Oprah?
  • [07:55] How did Layna know that providing a Speaker Concierge Service would be viable and sustainable?
  • [09:15] What did speakers think of Layna's service when they first encountered it?
  • [10:38] What is the most important thing for a passionate business owner to do to get through the ups and downs of business?
  • [13:04] How did Layna know who the right team members were for her organization?
  • [15:49] Layna shares how she was able to visualize the type of team she needed around her.
  • [17:14] What tips can Layna share to fellow visionaries who knows an opportunity is out there but the market doesn't know it needs it yet.
  • [19:09] Layna gives insight on when is the best time for a speaker to get a concierge service.

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