Episode 56

Published on:

21st Apr 2020

Ep56 - Leading Like A President

How many US Presidents have you had the privilege of connecting with in your lifetime?

Our guest today is the man, the myth, the legend who has been able to connect with at least FIVE (5) American Presidents! Anton J. Gunn is a hip-hop loving speaker, author, and has been a leadership advisor to some of the biggest brands in the United States of America, including former US President Barack Obama.

Today, he will share with us his story, his belief about service, what inspires him to be a leader of leaders, and how you can be one too!

  • [07:40] What has life been for Anton that he was able to connect with at least five American presidents and have all of them been intentional?
  • [09:25] What are some of the things that Anton had to push through to build himself up as a presidential leadership expert?
  • [11:06] Anton takes us through his first encounter with then President George H.W. Bush.
  • [11:50] How has tragedy become a factor with his encounter with President Bill Clinton?
  • [13:27] "Your network determines your net worth." What does this mean from Anton's perspective? How does this adage connect to being a servant leader?
  • [17:11] In his book "The Presidential Principles," what is a principle that Anton can share to help people move others towards action?
  • [19:12] What are three important questions that a person has in their mind that determines how engaged they would be with you as a leader?
  • [21:02] Who had the greatest impact on Anton's life? Who inspires him?
  • [23:18] What does Anton believe is the greatest impact that Chuck D had on people of his time?
  • [25:26] Is there a tangible, practical, specific thing that Anton does to inspire people towards action as a speaker and storyteller?

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