Episode 57

Published on:

28th Apr 2020

Ep57 - Turning The Page and Unlocking Your Next Chapter

Do you ever feel stuck like you're in an eternal loop a la Groundhog Day? How do you turn the page and move forward to your next chapter?

Our guest today can help you get unstuck! He is an Author, Executive Coach, and a Relationship Architect. He helps men and women achieve success by viewing their lives as a story.

Dr. Johnny Parker can help you "Turn the Page," define your purpose, and accomplish great things in life!

  • [04:35] Dr. Johnny Parker has worked with high profile clients and has been invited to the White House; what has helped propelled his career into greatness?
  • [06:10] How did Dr. Johnny Parker manage to establish relationships that led him to great opportunities in his career?
  • [07:32] What does Johnny mean when he views other people's lives as a story?
  • [10:38] How has Johnny been able to encourage his younger clients to be patient and help them wait for their life's story to unfold?
  • [13:53] If I am struggling with my own story, what step can I take to be vulnerable enough to tell it?
  • [16:15] How can Dr. Parker encourage people to define what their purpose is once they unlock their story?
  • [17:18] How can he help people define what they want when most people don't know the answer to that?

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