Episode 58

Published on:

5th May 2020

Ep58 - Delivering Stories That Stand Out

People pay attention to what grabs their attention. What do you do to make your story stand out?

We have a highly-engaging episode for you this week. My guest today is a best-selling author, an internationally-acclaimed, award-winning championship speaker, and has happy clients and customers in 81 countries around the world as a communication coach, consultant, and expert.

She has been on ABC, NBC, Fox, and all the other -BC's! She loves to help people who are smart enough to realize that they need to say "YES" when somebody says "Will you speak?"

Let Felicia J. Slattery, M.A., M.Ad.Ed. engage, inspire, and motivate you as she shares her golden nuggets of wisdom in our latest episode.

  • [04:58] An entrepreneur who is also co-owner of a fitness company; a mother; a wife; an author and a communication expert - what are the two things that Felicia does to stay on top of all these?
  • [07:52] Felicia shares a few tips on what we can do to become experts and create a strong media presence.
  • [09:27] What type of content would be good to post in what social media account?
  • [10:27] Why is social media content highly critical for media exposure?
  • [11:44] What are some of the things that we can do in our storytelling that cause people to pay attention?
  • [13:17] How can your pitch, tone, volume, and speed impact your audience's engagement?
  • [15:02] What speaking techniques should a speaker adjust depending on their audience?
  • [17:04] How does Felicia keep her signature story "fresh" even after sharing it in every presentation?
  • [19:03] What makes the difference between delivering a good versus an awesome-i-want-to-hear-it-again presentation?
  • [21:57] How can Felicia help me get from good to great?
  • [24:15] One more important tip from Felicia to improve your online presence!

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