Episode 65

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16th Jun 2020

Ep65 - Words That Transform

"Words have power. What you say, you create." - Alicia Dunams

One of the guests in a podcast I hosted way back 2014, Alicia Dunams is a good friend and has an amazing way with words. She's a bestselling author who has written numerous books and, for the past 10 years, has been helping others write their own bestseller!

She works with busy leaders and aspiring authors who want to birth a bestseller in a weekend. She's a big believer in communication, storytelling, and the power of words. Learn how you can harness the power of words to transform lives in Episode 65 of The RK3 Show!

  • [05:58] Alicia has written and published several books; she shares what made her fall in love with the writing process.
  • [07:45] In the Bestseller In A Weekend workshop, what is a takeaway for the attendees that wonderfully surprises them?
  • [09:12] Alicia shares a powerful case study from one of the attendees in her workshop.
  • [10:16] How can the "Hero's Journey" help one find their story to tell?
  • [11:21] How does the Bestseller In A Weekend workshop create a "container" of urgency + supportive community to come up with an amazing story?
  • [12:06] What advice can Alicia give to people who have great stories yet do not know how to tease it out of themselves?
  • [14:15] What is one way an aspiring author can find out what their target customer needs?
  • [16:12] What is the "power of words" from Alicia's perspective?
  • [17:23] Alicia shares a poignant example on how using the words "I get to" instead of "I have to" helped a woman power through loss.
  • [21:57] How should you reframe an apology ("I'm sorry") to make it more sincere and powerful?
  • [23:43] Why shouldn't we use the phrases "I'm disappointed" and "I can't"?
  • [25:47] How can shifting from "Did it happen to me?" or "Did it happen for me" helps you shift from victim to champion in your story?

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  1. Goal Digger: Lessons Learned From The Rich Men I Dated by Alicia Dunams;
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