Episode 70

Published on:

21st Jul 2020

Ep70 - 7 Stories You Should Stop Telling Yourself

Who is the person you speak to the most everyday? The answer is YOU, yourself. You speak to yourself all the time!

We have many conversations daily. And sometimes, we even pay attention to the words that we are saying :). All too often though, we aren’t intentional about the words we say to the person we speak to the most...YOU, yourself, the man/woman in the mirror.

Well, it’s time to adjust those conversations. In this episode, I share the 7 critical stories you need to adjust.

  • [02:38] What happens when we have our conversations with ourselves?
  • [03:32] What is the type of message that we mainly remember and dwell on?
  • [04:32] #1 Story To Stop Telling Yourself: "You Are Not Enough."
  • [06:15] #2 Story To Stop Telling Yourself: "You Need To Keep Up."
  • [07:56] #3 Story To Stop Telling Yourself: "You Don't Have The Right Stuff."
  • [10:01] #4 Story To Stop Telling Yourself: "It's Too Late."
  • [12:12] #5 Story To Stop Telling Yourself: "No One's Listening."
  • [14:00] #6 Story To Stop Telling Yourself: "You Don't Have The Right Story."
  • [16:12] #7 Story To Stop Telling Yourself: "It Doesn't Make Sense."
  • [18:29] What is the direction that you want to be headed to?

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