Episode 79

Published on:

30th Sep 2020

Ep79 - Getting Greater Reach for Your Story with Facebook Ads

Tristen Sutton graces our show this week. He has become the Go To strategist for entrepreneurs and small business owners looking for proven branding and marketing strategies that will drive their business to the top in their market space.

After years of seeing low returns from traditional marketing efforts, Tristen himself decided to try something new and shifted his own efforts towards social media. With his success, he's been branded as the "Branding Jedi" on Social Media for his unconventional methods in Marketing and Business.

Let's talk to the Branding Jedi about how to get greater reach with your story.

  • [05:21] Tristen shares how he managed to get involved with quips and statements that all speak to branding and marketing.
  • [06:30] We get Tristen's insights on why many speakers and storytellers fail in one aspect of marketing.
  • [08:07] What are two easy marketing strategies that any storyteller/speaker can begin doing?
  • [09:08] What will Tristen advise people do in order for them to begin pinpointing a target market?
  • [11:39] What steps can speakers take to maximize Facebook in their marketing strategy?
  • [12:33] How can one pick the right ad platform for their speaking business?
  • [14:18] Tristen gives tips on how to include an emotional hook that causes people to stop scrolling and notice your ads.
  • [15:36] How much should one allocate for ad spend in Facebook to put up an effective campaign?
  • [17:22] When does a speaker/storyteller need to stop spending more with ads?
  • [18:21] We learn how speakers/storytellers can use ads to get hired for speaking engagements.
  • [19:16] How can Ads YOUniversity help simplify marketing for non-marketers?

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