Episode 8

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12th Mar 2019

Ep8 - How To Find Your Voice

We have a powerful episode today featuring a SURVIVOR. She’s a survivor of abuse, molestation, and what could have been a very tragic story. Yet for more than 10 years now, she’s chosen to use her story to help others find their voice.

Be empowered with Altovise Pelzer’s story and let your voice be heard!

What’s In Store For You

  • Altovise shares what made her believe she had something to say to the world at 07:58.
  • At 09:15, she answers the question “What do you say to people who are in the midst of the same issues you’ve overcome who believe they can’t speak (about their experiences) yet?”
  • At 10:45, she tackles why she believes a coach/mentor is important those who are starting to speak professionally.
  • By 17:04, she explains why she posted the challenge (and opportunity) to get booked to speak at Universities and Colleges

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