Episode 86

Published on:

2nd Dec 2020

Ep86 - What Is Your Voice Brand?

Our guest today is the founder and CEO of Audivita Studios. Audivita Studios is a virtual collective of creative and production talent that helps publishers, authors, entrepreneurs, influencers, business professionals, and thought leaders connect their voices to the world and grow their brands and businesses with original podcasting, audio books, and video.

David has been the creative director, music composer, and producer for content for radio, TV, film, and podcast for more than 30 years. He has done so for many well-known brands worldwide.

Listen to David Wolf to understand that your voice is important - not just your physical voice but your "voice brand" as well!

  • [02:46] David shares his journey into podcasting.
  • [04:14] What does David refer to when his company speaks about "Connecting Your Voice to The World"?
  • [05:39] How can someone create their own "Voice Brand"?
  • [06:39] David provides us a few examples of clients who have good voice brands.
  • [09:38] How can a voice brand help people connect a visual image/brand with your audio presence?
  • [11:59] What is the easiest place for a beginner to get started with considering a voice brand?
  • [14:22] How can one get people to pay attention to their voice amidst all the noise?
  • [17:43] Is there a specific type of person that should be looking to connect with David and Audivita Studios?

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