Episode 87

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3rd Dec 2020

Ep87 - Are Your Story Skills Soft As Steel?

Seriously, why do people keep referring to speaking and communicating as "soft"? It's crucial and critical but we talk about them as soft.

Dennis is a leading expert in the construction industry with more than 30 years of experience. he's the author of the highly praised book "Soft As Steel" which focuses on the vital importance of developing and valuing soft skills.

He has dedicated himself to providing business leaders in all industries with the tools to be successful, not just in business, but in life and relationships. He is an inspirational speaker with humor dynamic energy motivates his audience to take action and make a change. Let our guest Dennis Doran share how speaking and communication can become Soft As Steel.

  • [03:45] Dennis walks us through his colorful journey in the construction industry.
  • [04:56] How did Dennis make the transition from a very left-brained industry (accounting) into soft skills and leadership (right-brained)?
  • [07:28] We get an insight on Dennis' thoughts as to why soft skills are critical yet it seems to be downplayed in the corporate space.
  • [09:12] "Soft skills are not really skills". What are they then?
  • [11:59] What should parents and teachers need to do to develop soft skills of individuals before they get into corporations?
  • [14:45] Do leaders need to unlearn some of the things that that have gotten them to the point where soft skills get neglected?
  • [16:35] Dennis lists down a few tools and resources focusing on the importance of soft skills (see Resources for more details).
  • [19:47] Dennis shares with us his vision for his book, "Soft As Steel".
  • [23:03] What is the greatest takeaway from from the book?

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  1. Soft as Steel: Leadership Qualities to Grow Relationships and Succeed in Business and Life by Dennis Doran;
  2. Dennis Doran's website;
  3. Dennis Doran's LinkedIn page;
  4. Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol Dweck;
  5. Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry and Jean Graves;
  6. Stop Calling Them Soft Skills (Medium article) by Robert Kennedy III;
  7. FREE 5-day Signature Story Course;
  8. podcast(at)robertkennedy3.com - send your questions and comments;
  9. Voice message - hear your voice on-air!
  10. Guide on how to leave a review for The RK3 Show;
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