Episode 88

Published on:

4th Dec 2020

Ep88 - Making Your Story Sticky

Is your story forgettable? When you share your story with people do they remember it?

Steve has been impacting the lives of people from all walks of life for 14 years. He is a renowned, peak performance, expert, keynote speaker and author. He has delivered hundreds of presentations to companies, associations, conventions, sports teams, churches, leadership conferences.

As a dynamic speaker and motivator, Steve partners with corporations, professional organizations, and entrepreneurs to inspire organizational effectiveness, employee morale, and productivity. With a desire to be one of the top speakers in the world, he brings a fresh and professional and powerful presence to the professional speaking industry.

Let Steve Hopper talk about how to make your story stick.

  • [04:28] After being released from prison in 2001, Steve shares his journey in the corporate world.
  • [05:13] How did the 2008 recession lead him to define his purpose?
  • [06:58] We learn how Steve developed his speaking skills within prison.
  • [07:57] Steve is a man who was imprisoned and managed to turn pain into purpose. What led him to share his story?
  • [11:45] What is it about Steve's story and the way that he delivers it that allowed him to gain credibility.
  • [14:10] Aside from passion, what else does a speaker need to make his story memorable to to audiences?
  • [15:41] How can you make your impact last as a speaker?
  • [18:01] Are more details critical or detrimental to your story?

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