Episode 89

Published on:

15th Dec 2020

Ep89 - Telling Your Story Without Fear

How do you get rid of fear? Is there a real way to get rid of it or do you just find a way to deal with it?

Our guest today is an expert on this topic. He is a speaker, leadership coach, and best selling author with over 19 years of experience in speaking, leadership development, and organizational management.

He's known for his authenticity, his humor, and his engaging presence. Mike specializes in fostering personal and organizational awareness allowing the audience to personalize his presentations.

He's a communication and leadership expert; he works with executive teams, emerging leaders, nonprofit organizations, churches and public schools.

What does Mike Acker know about working through the fear or speaking? Listen to the episode and learn!

  • [04:09] Mike helps people speak and share their stories without the fear of criticism that cripples many people. What are the most "common excuses" that he hears as people attribute to their fear of public speaking?
  • [05:32] We all know how to speak and communicate; what else do people need to know in order to speak?
  • [06:58] Based on Mike's experience, why aren't organizations focusing more on developing soft skills, specifically communication skills.
  • [09:31] Why is it that executives tend to not buy into the whole public speaking presentation in the same way as they would expect an employee or or manager to?
  • [12:28] Mike shares with us the top tip from his book "Speak With No Fear" that people can begin to do to eliminate the fear of speaking.
  • [15:31] What does Mike believe are some physical things that one can do as a storyteller, presenter, or speaking that makes them more interesting and connected to their audience?
  • [17:22] Mike shares the most interesting experience that he has had as a speaker and storyteller.
  • [19:39] I decided to join the fun! I also share one of most interesting (read: embarrassing) experiences I ever had on stage.

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