Episode 9

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19th Mar 2019

Ep9 - Why The World Needs To Read Your Story

How do you share your story through pain?  Tamika Sims is a survivor of abuse. 

She channeled her anguish into creativity and became the award-winning author of “The Plus Factor “.

A writing coach as well as the owner of InkPenDiva, let Tamika L. Sims’ story encourage you to inspire others through your written words!

What’s In Store For You

  • At 07:49, Tamika shares how you can share your story in the powerful purposeful one it was meant to be;
  • She shares her advice on how we can turn our pain into our own personal power by 10:16;
  • At 15:30, Tamika gives us input on the frameworks we can use to connect with people no matter what story we’re telling
  • At 19:08 our award-winning author and writing coach gives us a few pointers on how we can tell our story through the written word

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