Episode 92

Published on:

10th Feb 2021

Ep92 - The Storytelling Code CRACKED

Our guest is one amazing woman and THE person I looked up to in the eLearning industry. She's a communication expert who's been featured in Fortune, TIME Magazine, Forbes, Fast Company, Wired, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Cosmopolitan, LA Times and on CNN.

Her firm Duarte Inc. is the global leader behind some of the most influential visual messages in business and culture. She's a persuasion expert who has cracked the code for effectively incorporating story patterns into business communications.

Let's talk about the storytelling code with Nancy Duarte today!

  • [03:00] Nancy shares with us her journey into the presentation and technical aspect of storytelling.
  • [04:27] What mistake can Nancy observe frequently as she works with organizations?
  • [05:47] Nancy talks about the mentor archetype and how it helps one to focus on the audience.
  • [06:53] What are other archetypes that are in the storytelling realm that can help presenters?
  • [10:43] What are some of the things that we need to be able to do as visual storytellers to influence and persuade our audiences especially in the remote space.
  • [13:38] Are there any specific guidelines to take note of for virtual presentation or storytelling?
  • [16:38] Does Nancy find other elements that are necessary aside from the standard story framework for online videos and stories?
  • [18:27] What can Duarte recommend for somebody in the corporate space who wants to level up their storytelling or presentation skills?

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