Episode 93

Published on:

11th Feb 2021

Ep93 - The Story of Winning

Today we're going to WIN, WIN, WIN!

Our guest today is a former professional athlete. He's a former offensive tackle for the Indianapolis Colts and he knows what it feels like to encounter failures, roadblocks, and disappointments. He grew up on the south side of Columbus, Ohio where he had to overcome failure, adversity, learning disabilities.

But he discovered the secrets to unlocking "The Winning Edge" and now speaks all over the world training others to win in business and in life. Let's listen to Shawn Harper and learn how to WIN in life.

  • [02:45] As a former professional athlete, what is one of the biggest assumptions that people make about Shawn in life?
  • [04:06] What is one of the biggest challenges that Shawn had to face off the field?
  • [05:25] Is there a formula that Shawn knows of that people can apply to be able to compartmentalize the different facets of their lives?
  • [07:50] Who does Shawn look at on the field for accountability?
  • [08:55] When did Shawn make the leap into speaking?
  • [09:28] Why did Shawn think of incorporating some strongman tactics into his act?
  • [10:41] What else are some of the things that Shawn does to interact with his audience aside from the physical?
  • [13:20] How does Shawn know when to mellow down with his shock-and-awe tactics onstage and keep his audience engaged?
  • [15:49] How does Shawn keep things fresh with his audience in terms of his speaking content?
  • [16:40] Shawn shares some tips to upcoming speakers on how to master connecting with their audience.
  • [17:54] What does Shawn do differently when he's speaking to executive audiences?

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