Episode 94

Published on:

15th Feb 2021

Ep94 - The Vulnerability of Your Story

What does it mean to be vulnerable? Why should I be vulnerable when I share my story? It is all about CONNECTION.

You can definitely share data, information, or the products and services that you are building or selling. However, to connect with people on a deeper level, you really need to go to stories - specifically a personal story.

Let's talk about why being vulnerable with your audience helps you better connect and make a difference with people.

  • [03:38] Personal stories allow people to see you in a space of vulnerability.
  • [04:58] What you share matters!
  • [06:12] I share my actual "confession" and vulnerable side.
  • [09:08] Here are a few reactions I received and how people were able to relate to me.
  • [10:04] What is one big reason why we fear being vulnerable?
  • [11:30] Failure can be used as fuel for your future.
  • [12:23] What is the reason we exist?
  • [12:46] Success doesn't happen in isolation.
  • [13:42] Find Your Voice and Change the World!

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