Episode 96

Published on:

17th Feb 2021

Ep96 - Season 1 Golden Nuggets Part 1

Do you remember Season 1 of The RK3 Show? That was way back in 2019 - can you believe it? The RK3 Show has been with you for 2 years and now, we are counting down the days before its sunset.

In this episode, allow me to share Part 1 of the golden nuggets that we were able to talk about in Season 1. We will have Part 2 tomorrow so tune in for that as well!

  • [02:52] What's coming after The RK3 Show?
  • [03:30] S01 Ep11: Kevin Kruse talks about "pivots"
  • [06:14] S01 Ep19: Pam Perry talks about how important our story even if we don't think it has value.
  • [09:01] S01 Ep24: Mark Brown believed in the power of his story even if it required a last minute change.
  • [12:57] S01 Ep42: Robb Holman shares about the value of authentic relationships with others.

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