Episode 97

Published on:

18th Feb 2021

Ep97 - Season 1 Golden Nuggets Part 2

Let's continue our journey through the golden moments of The RK3 Show Season 1. In this episode, allow me to share Part 2 of the golden nuggets that we were able to talk about in Season 1. Let's listen to four additional fabulous clips from Season 1!

  • [02:19] S01 Ep49: Aurora Gregory shares what it takes to have your voice heard and chosen as a speaker.
  • [04:12] S01 Ep18: Lois Creamer gives her insight on how you can answer "What is it that you do?" and stand out?
  • [08:11] S01 Ep13: What do you do in order to navigate fear in order to make a difference in the lives of others? Quinn Conyers answers it for us.
  • [10:45] S01 Ep37: Married couple Pasha and Steve Carter share what it takes to be on the same page and communicate in a way that allows people in a relationship to be successful together.

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